Just BE Kitchen Nutritional/Ingredient FAQs

Find all the information you need about allergies, special diets, catering and more!

We will work with you to find something that fits your needs, and we promise it will be delicious too! We welcome you to bring an allergen card if you have it (no worries if not!). And if you’re ever at the back of the ordering line and it doesn’t seem like it’s moving, it’s probably because we are working closely with someone to accommodate an allergy! We are COMMITTED to nourishing you no matter how complicated your needs are!

We are 100% free from the following: 

Peanuts and Legumes
Refined Sugar

We are also 99.9% free from dairy (we just have one salad that contains dairy and it can be easily excluded). Our menu notes items that contain nuts and eggs, and we have an allergy menu in-store that lists the ingredients in every menu item so that we can help you navigate your specific need and find something delicious to nourish you!

We make everything from scratch. We are very familiar with a number of common allergens .

Note that our kitchen is small and while we make EVERYTHING in house, certain items are made in advance and so we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination of those items. Please be aware we do use nuts in house and can not guarantee cross contamination of nuts.
Again, be sure to tell the cashier about your needs and we are more than happy to take extra precautions (e.g., we can scrape down the grill before preparing your grill, etc.) 

Yes! We are very familiar with these diets and work with people daily in our restaurant to accommodate your restrictions. Just talk with our staff about your specific needs as they vary slightly for every person and we want to make sure you are taken care of!

While we aren’t medically trained professionals, we are accustomed to working with guests with a wide range of medical conditions such as those below. We are very happy to work with you to accommodate your specific needs and find something to nourish and satisfy you!

Rheumatoid arthritis
Many more!

We do have a number of items with nuts, however, we have a large selection of nut-free items! Substitutions are always available!

We do have a number of items with eggs, however, we have a large selection of egg-free items! Substitutions are always available!

We know how brands like to hide corn & soy in everything which is why we are a scratch kitchen. This allows us to review the sourcing of our ingredients to avoid sneaky additives. We make our own baking powder (to avoid cornstarch) and our own chocolate (to avoid soy) in house, don’t use any vegetable oil, and rigorously vet any new ingredients we bring in to be sure they meet our “free from” standards.

Please note that our chickens may be fed either soy or corn as a part of their feed but there is little we can do to prevent this. However, there is varied data on whether or not their feed transfers into the egg and if any corn or soy derivative remains once the chicken passes the egg. We serve several customers with severe corn & soy allergies who have said that it doesn’t affect them but we recognize everyone is a bio-individual. 

Yes, these are noted on menu as V (vegetarian), VO (vegetarian option – can be modified to be vegetarian), VG (vegan), and VGO (vegan option – can be modified to be vegan).

Short answer: Yes and the keto-friendly items are noted with a “K” on the menu. 

Long answer: Ketosis is a state during which the body is breaking down stored fat molecules rather than carbohydrates for energy. This process is highly individualized and so we cannot guarantee that a specific menu item will allow your body to remain in ketosis. For this reason, we cannot label food items as inherently “keto” but, we have a number of menu items that contain higher ratios of fat and protein to carbohydrates. We do not provide carbohydrate counts for our menu items, but we are happy to share a complete list of ingredients for any item on our menu.

We are not a 100% organic restaurant. We strive to balance affordability with quality and work hard to research the importance of organic for each ingredient we bring into the restaurant. We choose organic ingredients in every instance we can, and where we believe it counts. For example, all of our meat is organic, and we strive to keep most produce organic.

We BElieve in transparency and will happily share information as to whether any specific ingredient is organic or conventional. 

Yes, we can accommodate you! Please talk to the staff member and ask to see our allergen menu, which lists garlic and onion in every item. Note that while some menu items contain garlic or onion, it can be easily excluded (e.g., swap the balsamic vinaigrette for olive oil and vinegar), while it is prepared. The team member helping you will be able to walk you through your options.

Yes, we can accommodate you! Know that there are no bell peppers, white potatoes, or eggplant in any of our menu items. However, we do have items with tomatillo, black pepper, cayenne, jalapeno, and paprika. Our staff members can help you navigate which menu items include these, and which can be modified to exclude them.

As it is an expensive and arduous process for a small business like ours to verify nutrition information, we do not provide specific nutrition information or macros for our menu items.

BUT please know that we work hard to create delicious food that is made with ONLY nutritious ingredients that include only nut and vegetable flours (NO potato or rice flour), ONLY olive and coconut oils, and NO gluten, grain, refined sugar, soy, corn, peanut, or legume (and only optional dairy in one dish).

And since we get that some people need or want to track their intake of certain macro- or micronutrients closely, we will gladly list the ingredients in your dish so that you can enter into a tracking app like MyFitnessPal to calculate it yourself.

We are ALL about the healthy fats! We use ONLY coconut and olive oil.

Whole30 is a whole foods-based clean eating program which is focused on a food “reset” approach. You can learn more at whole30.com and then try out some of our Whole30 dishes as we are the only Whole30 approved restaurant in the state of Colorado!

No, sugar, we aren’t sugar free! ;-). But we are REFINED-sugar free! The only sweeteners we use are honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and dates. We also offer stevia for our coffee drinks.

Heck no! We don’t use any additives or MSG. And the only gum used is xanthan in a select few baked goods. We are happy to share which of our items include xanthan gum if you are avoiding it.

We don’t take reservations for parties under 10, but know that our indoor and outdoor spaces are available for hire and can seat groups ranging from 30 to 75 people, and provide standing areas for larger groups. Tables turnover pretty quickly so you likely won’t need to wait long to BE seated.

For reservations of 10 or more people, email catering@justbekitchen.com or fill out our enquiry form on the catering page.

We are happy to nourish you on the go! Give us a call and be ready with your order and payment information. Be sure to let us know that you’ll be eating in the restaurant, and know that most orders take about 15 minutes to prepare. However, if you order from our website, then you are already paid when you arrive, and can avoid the line – just check with a member of staff at the front to grab your bag! 

We’d love to nourish you and your guests at your event! You can view our catering menu and order right on our website. Catering orders can be picked up in the restaurant, or delivered for a small fee if over $100 in value. 

If you prefer to speak to a team member about your needs and to place your order, please email catering@justbekitchen.com. 

We also host a number of private events at our BEautiful space and would love to help make your event special. Please email us at catering@justbekitchen.com for more information on hiring our space

Our bar is NOT entirely gluten-free and grain-free, rather all spirits are either free of gluten and grains or have their gluten and grain levels reduced to often tolerable amounts. If you are highly sensitive, we recommend you avoid a few specific items. Our team can help you navigate your choices. Know that we follow strict guidelines for very clean alcohol and offer the following:

Low alcohol grain free vodka
Quinoa-based whisky (does contain barley)
Low sugar and low sulfate wine
100% GF local beer (Holidaily)

Yes! You can get them online. Shop for gift cards here.