Are You In a Tough Season? Weather the Storm of the Season In Community!

I don’t know much about astrology, or planet movements or anything of the sort but I do know I have a significant number of friends and business relationships in a difficult Season currently.

And I’m rowing the boat with them.

In the journey of life and business, we inevitably encounter Seasons that test our resilience and push us to our limits.In a hike last week of three business owners, every single one had wondered during a Season: “Can I can do this anymore?” And I imagine, that’s how many others feel just in life, out of business.

When everything becomes so overwhelming when you’re in a Season with the wind blowing, sleet and hail thrashing, you’re skidding and sliding everywhere…I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of us who courageously live life daily! What we do in this human experience, making human decisions and feeling oh-so-human, navigating the ups and downs of our own personal and professional journeys.During these challenging seasons, the range of emotions is real – fear, doubt, frustration, and perhaps a sense of loss maybe the feeling of being…lost.

You’re not weak in feeling all the feels…you are human, which is the strongest way of BEing.In the realm of business, these challenging seasons often present themselves as setbacks, unexpected hurdles, or shifts in the market landscape. It can mean lost sales, financial duress, challenging employee situations, quality issues, tech issues and more.These moments can shake our confidence, test our strategies, and force us to reevaluate our paths forward. Should I continue to do this? Am I meant to do this? Is this my purpose? Is it good enough?

I’ve always said that the “breakDOWN comes just BEfore the breakTHROUGH” – and someone told me last week that just before big things come, big things crumble. I think it can be true.  

Let us remember that these Seasons serve as catalysts for growth and transformation. They are invitations to dig deep and uncover the resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness within us. They can remind us more of who we are and what we desire. I read this week that that seeds can not thrive in the heat of the sun; they have to burrow in the dark soil, damp, cool, in order to crack open to bloom and thrive in the sun.

THIS is what is happening to you in these darker Seasons - you are transforming, even if you don't realize it.But, these Seasons are when we need to lean on our support networks, seek guidance from mentors and advisors, and tap into our community.Community IS everything in these moments because from it can you draw the collective wisdom to realize you’re not alone; others experience very much the same things. Truly.

We, the collective, are in this together, whether we are in the same Season or in another place. Why?

BEcause we have all been caught in a Season before, and we can support one another through these gusts of wind that life and business present.The stories we share, the lessons we learn, and the connections we foster empower us to navigate these challenging periods with strength and authenticity.

And when all else fails, BEauties, just eat the damn JBK ice cream sandwich in three bites. For breakfast. In a closet so your family can’t interrupt you. In your jammies. It will all BE ok. Xxxx