Do you want the breadcrumbs or the entire loaf of bread? Say no to the breadcrumbs.

You know that feeling of wanting "more" but you're not exactly sure what "more" is? This can look different ways to many of us - it can be a yearning, it can be a whisper that there's something more fulfilling or it can BE a nagging that you know there's something bigger out there for you. 


It can show up in our relationships, in work, in our health, in our lifestyle - any and all of the above. 


Maybe your relationship isn't meeting all your needs emotionally or physically. Or maybe you know that your health could be improved and wondering what steps you can take to change it. Maybe it's BEing courageous enough to take on a more challenging role that is scary to you in your job - that you know you could contribute more. Maybe you seek "more" by way of friendships and deeply connecting with like-minded people instead of friendships you may have outgrown that aren't fulfilling you.  


I've decided that depending on where you are in life, and what you want, you have the choice to take the breadcrumbs or the entire loaf - which do you want? 


What that bread looks like differs for all of us - for some, the entire loaf is a long distance relationship that offers a lot of time and freedom, for others its moving in with their partners, for others it's marriage and for others it's a conscious relationship or for some, it's ALL OF THE ABOVE. Some of us want a loaf of Sourdough, some want Olive, some what 7 Seeds bread. That's not the point - the point is: Do you want the breadcrumbs, or do you want the entire damn loaf? 


I've come to realize for the things that I truly, truly desire in MY life (it's different for all of us), I have to work a muscle to say "no" to just breadcrumbs. A hard AF, screaming loud "NO." Why? BEcause I want the Universe to know that I mean business. I'm not going to nibble on breadcrumbs WAITING for the loaf of bread. That's not how it works. 


I've got to hunker down and commit to what I want - so when the toasted, buttered Sourdough breadcrumbs appear - the ones that look nicer than all the others to me - I STILL have to say "NO" because it's NOT the loaf of bread I desire. I can't say "yes" to a partner that wants different outcomes in life than me, or an employee who has great skills but not the values I desire, or a career opportunity that is fun but commits a lot of my time & doesn't deliver on my non-negotiables. Otherwise, I'm telling the Universe I'm ok with breadcrumbs. 


And that's not the case. I want the whole, dang, delicious, gluten free loaf of Sourdough dripping with salted butter. 


You get what I'm saying here? Go get your loaf of bread. Savor every single bite.