Don’t Tell Me It’s BEcause of My Period.


“Aunt Flow has come to visit” “She must be on the rag” “Are you on your period or something?” “I’m PMS-ing so Bad!”

If you are a woman, you may have been told or have said one or all of the statements above.

Periods have been spun in a negative way over the years. When women come off in a more direct way, or if we are having a bad day and come across as irritable, we are met with phrases like, “she must be on the rag.”

Even we as women have bought into these phrases to describe how we may be feeling with our ups and downs. If we cry at something beautiful, we say “Oh, I’m about to start my period.” Or if we just want a piece of freaking chocolate, we often feel we have to justify it with “Man, this PMS is hitting me hard!”

For other women, being on our periods may feel like a week of torture where we just want to curl up with candy bars and watch sappy movies and have a little (or a big) cry.

And while all of those things are common while we bleed, they are NOT normal.

Over the years, women have been led to believe that sore breasts, irritability, anger, fatigue, cramping, bloating, diarrhea, etc. are to be expected around our time of the month. However, did you know that PMS symptoms are our body’s way of asking for help and letting us know that something isn’t right? It’s just like when our bodies are starting to get sick.

We experience symptoms like fevers, body aches, sniffles, sneezes, and coughing. Are those symptoms 1x/month normal? No way! So why do we think that our periods should be a week of torture proceeded by a week of PMS symptoms that can make us feel insane?

Women run on a 28-day hormonal cycle where every day is different. Within the 28-day cycle, there are 4 different phases where we can – but often don’t – implement nutrients, supplements and exercise to work in tandem with the natural shifts in our hormones.

For example, the liver needs support with detoxification during the luteal phase, or also known as phase 4 of the menstrual cycle.

Or in the ovulatory phase (phase 3) women often need a little extra help flushing excess estrogen.

To support those needs, a clever mix of nutrients and supplementation go a long way to meet those goals.

Why wouldn’t we flip the script and make our periods work for us and not against us? We can replenish lost nutrients during our bleed days to enable our bodies to work in flow (literally!) with our hormones. If we do this, we notice that our PMS systems begin to fade, and that bleed days really aren’t much different than the days you aren’t “on the rag.”

Women are powerful – and regulating our hormones enable us to fully step into that power.

If you are someone who suffers from PMS symptoms and/or you don’t feel 100% around your period, you may suffer from hormonal imbalances. There are many imbalances that we as women can experience! In our new course, Feed the Bleed, we talk about how to sync your cycle optimally by implementing food, exercise and supplementation at different times of the month – the course takes you through EACH phase of the menstrual cycle and provides detailed suggestions in each of these areas as well as talks through how certain hormonal imbalances will present themselves to you/what symptoms you may be experiencing. The course comes complete with a full month of meal plans and grocery lists that make implementing our recommendations seamless and easy.

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