Someone said to me at the end of 2023 that "Facts are Reality" and he went on to explain that we had to look at the "facts" of a situation to avoid any emotion about it, to accept reality. It's taken me awhile to chew on this BEcause, when it was said to me, it rubbed me very wrong. 


It got me thinking. As humans, we try to use "facts" to make us feel safe, to justify a situation or to make us feel BEtter about what we have or haven't done. Or about what someone else is/isn't doing. 


But when someone is emotive with me about "the facts" it makes me wonder: "Who says the facts are truly the facts?" 


In my view, we can use "facts" to support - or tear a part - any reality we wish to create. We can search, find or locate "facts" to create any story or perspective we want. And honestly, with the myriad of content out there, it's really difficult to know what is fact or fiction, what is a solid or silly source, what is real and what is fake. 


When I'm in any situation, professionally or personally, I have often bored myself with trying to analyze data, numbers and so-called facts. But nothing really looks as it is - even when I'm analyzing "facts" - there's always another window to gain a different view. Even in the absence of "data" - we try to decipher situations, interactions or conversations with others and believe those to be "facts." But how do we know that the way we see or interpret a situation…is the entire "facts" of a situation? We don't. But we like to think we do. 


I find that we rely so hard on facts…to help ease, or create, fear. Fear keeps us searching, hanging on and holding hard to facts: "If I don't succeed in my restaurants it's because the facts say "9 out of 10 restaurants fail." The fear of failing has me hold onto a "fact" to justify / feel better about a situation. 


If my partner isn't being attentive it's because "they said": "Men are statistically 59% less affectionate than women." Maybe, in fact, my partner just isn't attentive because he's not that into me. Or there's something else underlying in his distraction. 


Or after the age of 30, we become 79% less strong so no wonder I can't do X, Y or Z. Frankly, I'm stronger now than I was in my 20's - so this "fact" is fiction for me. But fear keeps you "safe" if you weren't strong enough for something, this is a great "fact" (aka excuse) to use. 


What I've learned is that we need to have faith - over fear and facts. 


When we are afraid of achieving something, loving or losing someone, afraid to set a boundary or ask for what we want, afraid to be "seen" or having others seen us fail…we create "facts" to justify or excuse what is happening. "Facts" are to keep us safe. They aren't always reality. 


I remember saying before I did my big Everest 29029 climb that it has a 50% fail rate when I would explain what it was. I KNEW that I said the silly statistic that I read on some thread, somewhere - that it was to make me feel "safe" if I didn't finish it, I could rely on that fact. Bullshit is what it is, and I called myself out on it. The "fact" isn't what determines my performance - I determine that & it doesn't change whether I summitted or not. 


Faith over fear, leads us into a different realm. Faith that whether we are with the person we love or aren't, that it will be ok either way. Faith says to give the person a chance that doesn't make sense to be with, Faith tells us that whatever health issues we or our loved ones are experiencing, will turn out ok OR that to trust there will be a peaceful transition. Faith tells us that whatever career we are in or going for, it will work out ok regardless of the outcome. 

Facts aren't always reality. Reality is created by each individual. Fear drives us to be blind, encourages us to make decisions out of safety. 


Faith…well, faith leads us to a path we may not go otherwise. Faith opens up new opportunities. Faith gives us comfort that it will BE ok. Faith wraps us in its warm blanket of love. Faith lets us see another way. 


What do you desire to have faith in right now?