I'm probably in one of the toughest periods I've been in for 7 years right now, personally. It's almost as if everything I used to know to BE true, isn't. Since the Fall, I've questioned my intuition greatly…Situations/people/places that I was sure there was alignment, I was mis-guided.  My intuition was off on a number of new hires, on areas of where my heart was open to love, on attractions I've had, on starting new initiatives that didn't turn out as predicted. 


While this may BE normal, sure - It's made me question if I'm not able to listen to myself any longer. It's made me question my judgement. Made me wonder if I see reality. And let me say, it has created a ton of hurt for myself. The doubt has been great. The feeling of letting myself down has been intense. 


I've always BElieved that if it hurts, it needs to heal. And I do BElieve this to BE true. 


If you're hurting…there is often a space within you that is open, raw, wounded. Looking at the hurt, talking to it, asking it to give information, is a way to reduce the sting. Questioning why it hurts so much, why it's creating the defensiveness, the tears, the suffering - "Why, sweet hurt self, does this cause me pain?" And then listen. A whisper will come to you. 


AND, at this juncture in life, I also think - sometimes, it just hurts. Sometimes, the calling may not BE about analyzing every wound, every trauma, but is simply just showing you that pain is temporary. To BElieve that seasons pass, that it won't always be this way, that hope is something to fight for - not simply to wait for to come. 


And honestly, that, perhaps is part of the healing for the hurt. Just allowing yourself to sit in it a bit, to know that you'll BE taken care of, that it is working FOR you and not AGAINST you. That this hurt, NEEDS to pass through you and out of you. That is the healing in itself - the patience, the keeping the hope, the "getting it out", the "letting it wash over you", the knowing that life is happening as a way to get something out of you that you didn't know you had. 


I'm still learning, and I do know that if there's hurt, it needs to heal. And the BEst part? When you've done some of the healing, when you talk about it…it comes from the heart - not the hurt. It comes as love, not as anger. 


BE well BEauties. Heal the hurt. xxxx