By Jennifer Peters

women hugging

How we speak our truth, hold back, interpret other's actions or words…How simple and innocent actions, emoji's, texts, words, tone, phrases, teasing can inadvertently create giant assumptions and/or conversely how we attach meaning to these things.  


We are bumbling around trying to RELATE to one another. We get it “wrong” – often. We assume. We judge. We give space. We take the next step forward with our heart open. We feel stung, then we retreat, heart closed. We talk, we hold back, or we use words that may have the unintended outcome. We are trying, and at times, we aren't. We are generous – sometimes too much so? I question because we often let things pass that are said (or not said), that fester.  


In work situations we struggle to RELATE – others find it hard to have honest conversations about expectations or accountability. In love, we find it hard to speak honestly about things that create discomfort. Or one person is open, the other reserved. Neither right nor wrong, just trying to RELATE. In families, we let things go that are said in an effort to “keep the peace” which disturbs the peace within us.  


We RELATE to others based on our own wounds and fears, our own healing and courage. If there's one thing I know, it's that I too, am still figuring it out. I coached my leaders this week about RELATING to others with compassion, but still honoring their boundaries. And yet, in my personal life, I allowed my own boundaries to be broken.


I BElieve everyone desires to do their BEst – mostly I believe it because it's the world I want to live in.  


RELATING is a challenging and BEautiful part of this human experience. Every conversation, comment, interaction, confusion and disappointment is divinely curated for us. It's a large orchestration, playing to both person's individual wounds and triggers. It is a gift, this dance of RELATING, IF we choose to see it that way.  


Who are you trying to RELATE with currently? Your co-worker? Business partner? Spouse or partner? Friend? Sister/Brother? 


Right now, we at Just BE Kitchen are learning to RELATE in different ways. We have made changes that teams struggle to adapt to. We are holding boundaries more than we have BEfore. We are testing new processes - mostly because let's face it: we're in a recession that we're not calling a recession and every owner I speak to is trying to navigate through it. This means we, like other businesses, have to streamline and that can be hard on teams. So we're finding new ways of RELATING, and that can be hard…and as I tell my Senior Leadership team, it can also be the the greatest of opportunities. 


RELATE. The definition is: “To make or show a connection between.” I opened Just BE Kitchen as a place for connection. A place to meet and feel cared for - If you're struggling to RELATE to someone or, if you simply want to connect and RELATE more – take them on a date to Just BE. Oh, and by the way - that person, can simply BE with yourself xxx