The Conscious CEO & The Awakened Corporate: The Single Entrepreneur

by Jennifer Peters | Apr 30, 2019 | The Conscious CEO


As we entered 2019, I had that melancholy feeling of being single again. If you’re single, you likely know what I mean. And then it was my birthday in February. And now we’re coming up to our two year anniversary of the business and I want to share that with someone too. Last year I said, “it won’t always be this way.” And yet…it is. The times that have hit me hard being single was typically when I’ve been at the doctor’s office and having to put the emergency contact number down as a bestie or roommate etc. That still creates tear stings in my eyes. I know, it’s the small things. For my single ladies out there, I know for some of you it’s weddings on your own. Or Friday nights. Or moving house. Or dinners with all couples (sometimes which you don’t get invited to!) and feeling like the 3rd, 5th, 9th, wheel, etc. I know because at times I have felt very single in all those instances too. However, owning a business and being single offers an entirely new dimension. SO many nights I really want a partner to make dinner for me (or with me) or just talk to me about a situation that I can’t talk with staff about, or someone just to tell me it will all be ok or even someone to celebrate my successes, big or small.  When I’m worried financially about investing so much in the business and not yet being able to create any investment for myself, I would love the support of a partner to tell me I’ll be ok. Or even to know that financially I have some buffer.

There’s a reason “they” say it’s lonely at the top. Because it is.

However, here’s the thing. Unless your partner owns a business, they unlikely truly understand what you’re going through anyhow. They may share in some of the financial risk, but they don’t have that feeling in their heart, gut or the thoughts in your mind that can paralyze you when you’re building a dream. But you know who does understand this? Other entrepreneurs. Who can fully understand when you’re down, and genuinely feel joy for you when you’re up. And to boot, they have a ton of great ideas willing to share too. I want to urge any other business owner (and I’ve been pushing myself on this hard over the last 3 months), not to isolate yourself. Go find other groups. Hell, go find a meet-up group. It doesn’t even have to be a specific business group – just go do something you love and I bet you’ll bump into another business owner. And maybe even it will be one that you can swap business with in some way or fashion! I’ve been so head’s down for the first 1 year in the business, I didn’t look up to see others around me that were in the mud with me. That had different war wounds than I that I could learn from. And when they share something I’ve already been through, I can help with my experience. Or, we both struggle with the same issues at the same time. I’m telling you – NOT ONE entrepreneur is immune to the ups & downs, challenges & opportunities. I may be single, but I’m SO connected with the support of other business owners. They have felt the restless nights, the anxiety and stress of the financial leap of faith, the stress of raising capital, the challenges with employees & the fact that no one else will love your dream as much as you do – except another entrepreneur cheering you on because they know how incredibly hard it is & what it means to love something so much. Before I started seeking relationships with other owners, I wasn’t seeking my own connection. I have been so fixated that being a single entrepreneur meant I was ALONE in the process. The irony of this all is that one of the reasons I started Just BE Kitchen is that I wanted to build a place of connection & BElonging.  And yet, I wasn’t finding a place of BElonging in business. Until I reached out to other business owners. And, even better that I can help other business owners too. Recently, when I went into tears with that soulful feeling of singlehood…I thought about the quote on our wall at Just BE Kitchen which was an inspiration for the name: Girl: “How do I find the one?” Deepak: “BE the one” How can I find the one if I’m not BEing the one connecting, supporting and loving others who feel super single too – the plethora of other small business owners. Duh, it’s right in front of me. Daily. Sometimes you just need that reminder…I need to go BE with other entrepreneurs so I don’t feel alone. I encourage you to as well. Xxx